Price List WINTER 2022-2023

Prices per person, per day, half board minimum staying 7 nights(Sat. to Sat. OR Sun. to Sun.).Shorter periods prices on request.

Period€ / pax / day/H.B.


-Full-board:Euro  20,00-/person.
-Single-room suppl.: Euro 10,00-/person.
-Double room per single use:suppl. Euro  35,00-/day.
-Wellness Centre/SPA Euro 50,00-/person per entire period staying.

 Children not allowed in -under 4 years old;

-Dogs are not allowed in Common Areas. Price Euro 50,00-per each dog and Euro 80,00-per each cat at the end staying and no poppies allowed -

Summer 2022 Price List

Period€ / pax / day/H.B.
01.07.22/09.07.22Euro 60,00-
09.07.22/30.07.22Euro 76,00-
30.07.22/06.08.22Euro 85,00-
06.08.22/21.08.22Euro 95,00-
21.08.22/28.08.22Euro 85,00-
28.08.22/03.09.22Euro 60,00-

-SINGLE ROOM suppl. Euro 10,00-/per day;

-DOUBLE ROOM matrimonially bedded SINGLE use (one person) Euro 30,00-/per day;

-WELLNESS CENTRE FEE Euro 30,00-/person entire period including bathrobe and slippers;

-DOGS AND CATS on request/availability of special rooms. Poppies not allowed. Each dog will cost Euro 30,00-(entire period not per day) and each cat Euro 60,00-at the end of staying;

-2 FREE escursions with Alpine Local Guides will be offered to you;

-PRICES are for a minimum staying


Promotions Winter 2019/2020

Tourist tax will be applied